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Dr. Jeanine during a phaco teaching seminar in Aleppo, Syria.
In Mid-May, a 3-person team of ophthalmic surgeons and nurses arrived in Rafidiah Hospital for a week of cataract surgery on poor people in the northern West Bank. Led by Dr. Roberto Jules from El Salvador and Baillie Brown from California, the team provided dozens of poor people sight-saving cataract surgery.

Baillie has participated in dozens of missions to Nablus over the past 10 years and thousands of poor people have had their sight saved through our volunteer teams.

Aleppo, Syria 2006:
The Entire Eye Surgery Team at the Eye Hospital with me and Dr. Reed Kindermann of the U.S.A.

The Palestine Children’s Relief FundMedical Mission Daily Report  
Date: Nov, 23, 2009
Surgery Specialty: Cataract Surgery
Head Surgeon: Dr. Roberto Jule. Assisting surgeons and nurses on mission: 0.  Location: Nablus Hospital: Rafidia Hospital Number of cases screened: 0 Number of cases treated: 15 
Start time of first surgery: 9:00AM Time of lunch: 2.30PM Final surgery completed: 4PM
Social Worker’s name: Linda Herzalla